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Full Service Advertising & Marketing Agency

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Marketing Services

These are just some of our marketing services

Audio & Video Production

Our creative producers learn about your product or service, then our engineers and creative talent create a T.V. commercial to deliver your message in a powerful 30-second spot. Our production staff can travel to your location or create an alternate reality in our own green-screen studio space.

Print Advertising

Our graphic designers take our art department to new creative horizons... every single time. From print ads and mailers to billboards and posters, MAN Marketing understands how to catch the eye of your audience and hold their attention. Have an idea in your mind but do not know how to bring it to life? Let us create it for you!

Automotive Marketing

Your leads don't convert into customers? Do you need to increase your car sales? We have been creating advertising campaigns and developing marketing strategies for our clients for over 30 years. Automotive marketing is in our blood and our success stories speak for themselves. We bring a new approach to your advertising investment with proprietary technologies that empower dealers to create high return-on-investment with proprietary marketing campaigns and track the performance of those campaigns like no other offering in the industry.

Digital Marketing

Today's digital marketing efforts aren't just about keyword counts of back-links from high PageRank websites. It's about delivering content that search engines want to reward and that drives customers through your sales funnel. It's about being found in all the right places and using that visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company's bottom line. How do we do it? We have a string SEO approach and technology that makes our paid search, display advertising and retargeting unbeatable. MAN Marketing is always ahead of the curve with constant research, training and experimentation.

Web Development & SEO

MAN Marketing has skilled experts in search engine optimization, pay per click management and local search. By using a blend of cutting edge tactics combined with time-tested strategies, MAN Marketing can help your website achieve long term sustainable growth and targeted search engine traffic.

Media Buying

We make advertising dollars count with effective cross-platform media buys for Television, Cable, Radio, Internet, Print and Outdoor. MAN Marketing multi-channel advertising campaigns align media buys with purchasing habits discovered through consumer research. We clearly deliver your brand message consistently across all platforms to reach a defined customer base and ultimately achieved your targeted ROI.

Direct Mail Advertising

Our creative print art department can think big or small. From print ads and mailers to billboards and posters, MAN Marketing understands how to catch the eye of your audience and hold their attention. We understand how to build a print piece to communicate your message--whether it's in a customer's mailbox or on the side of a bus.

Car Info To Go

We have created a mobile experience that bridges the gap between the automotive buyer and seller.

Catchy Jingles, Audio Commercial & Advertising

With our creative producers, engineers and vocal talent, MAN Marketing can produce a complete radio or TV spot in a manner of hours.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

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Web Development

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About MAN Marketing

Full Service Advertising & Marketing Agency.

We pride ourselves in providing custom marketing and advertising strategies WITHOUT the hassles and WITHIN your budget.

Our staff consists of some of the industry's finest creative and media talent - Audio engineers, video editors, graphic artists, copywriters, animation developers, media buyers, print coordinators, on-screen talent, cameramen, directors, producers, voice-over talent, web developers and more - all in-house!

We've been in business more than 32 years --- and many of our original clients are still our clients today! It's little wonder that we've been called "The Swiss Army Knife of Advertising Agencies". Simply put, we have all the tools... and all the talent... all in-house.

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