Awesome Creative

MAN Marketing is an award winning advertising and marketing agency in Chicago

Creative Problem Solving…

At MAN Marketing, we've taken creative to a whole new level. Too many ads try to be "creative" just for the sake of being "creative." That's a mistake.  Creativity is best used to solve marketing problems and highlight "unique selling propositions."


Video Production

MAN Marketing hosts a full video production studio

MAN Marketing Hosts…

a full-service production facility within our headquarters in Carol Stream, IL.  We can provide individual services such as script writing, producing, directing, or post production -- or we can shoot, edit, and post your entire project!


Audio Production

MAN Marketing state-of-the-art recording studio

“Theater Of The Mind”

Your audio production can take place in a crowded stadium of cheering fans or a tropical beach in a far away land...without ever leaving our 32-track digital audio studio! With our creative producers, engineers and vocal.